What People Say about ILS

"I would like to share a few thoughts on how a Christian education was beneficial to me through my high school years.  First of all, we were blessed with the privilege of learning God's Word every day in class.  Hearing what God has done and continue to do for us...truly helps you persevere through all the rough moments in life.

Immanuel Lutheran School has wonderful teachers who are always there for you...They understand and believe in prayer and because of them, I do too...Prayer also played a huge role for me in high school...

I can honestly say that having a solid Christian education helped me succeed throughout high school.  We were told every day that God is with us no matter what, and that truth sticks in my mind daily.  I know that I can always turn to the Lord for help, and He will be there for me and lend me a helping hand.  Immanuel Lutheran School helped me realize the power of God's Word and how important He is in our lives. "

    €“Brady Tieman, former student at ILS

From the 2013-14 5th grade students

"I can learn about God here. It is a good environment. I have good friends here. National Lutheran School's Week. People are nice here. The school work challenges the kids here. We have nice teachers."

"I am thankful to go to ILS because it teaches me about God. The people here are very nice. The school has smaller classrooms so the teacher can focus on one person at a time. It is very fun at the school I go to. We learn a lot at ILS."

"Thank you that I get to learn about Christ, have friends, get to sing for the Lord, and that I have Christian teachers."

"I am thankful to be in this school because it gave me a 2nd home, gave me friends, taught me the Word of God, told me Jesus is my Savior."

"I am thankful to come to this school because I don't get bullied, people like me for who I am, the teachers pay attention to my problems, I get to learn about Christ every day."

"Immanuel teaches children how to study...how to work hard...how to prioritize...how to listen in class...and best of all, this is accomplished in a Christian environment with Christian teachers.  What a blessing...what a gift!"

"The groundwork for their high school and college years is not laid in the eighth grade year alone.  This is an accumulation of eight years of excellent teaching and mentoring.  The educators at Immanuel are hard working and dedicated.  It makes a difference who and what our children are exposed to during their elementary school years.  This experience shapes who they are as human beings and impacts the rest of their lives.  I thank God daily for the wonderful experience my child had at Immanuel."

    €“Diane Traczewski, parent of a former student.

"I've had two older sons who went to Immanuel Lutheran School in Higginsville...As I reflect back on the years they spent at Immanuel, I am so glad I made that choice.  Their faith in God is still strong today, and their manners and thoughtfulness as well as a great education still follow through with them today.

They both said going to Immanuel Lutheran...made them able to stand on their own two feet and make their own decisions.  It allowed them to say 'No!' to many peer pressures that teenagers run into."

"...you are not just a student; you are a very important person to yourself, the staff, students, and God.  At Immanuel you are a part of the whole school: one big family."

    Annette Kappelman, parent of three graduated students.


  Producing Students Who Are: Planted, Rooted, Growing, and Living in the Faith of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.