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Welcome to Immanuel-Zion    Lutheran School

Immanuel Lutheran School is here to assist the family and church by providing a Christ-centered curriculum, equipping students with a Biblical worldview, and encouraging a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our goal is to help Christian parents raise up their children to be strong spiritually, mentally, physically and socially so they can live out God’s calling for them.

We invite you to learn more about us here on our website. Then contact us with any questions you may have and to schedule a visit.


Quotes from Immanuel-Zion Lutheran School Families

We didn’t originally plan to send our kids to ILS, but God led us there for a more individualized education and solid faith foundation & we couldn’t be happier in that journey.”

The benefit for students and families attending Immanuel Lutheran School is the personalized family atmosphere…. being shown that everyone is important and loved.”

“Our students are family. Their strong friendships continue into high school. School families support the school and each other.

"Teachers are able to give students individual attention through class sizes that are smaller than most public school classes. Your child will be guided through the reading process, learning to love stories from the Bible, textbooks, and library selections. The curriculum is structured for age-appropriate progress in reading, writing, and math."

"Immanuel Lutheran School’s greatest strengths are a Christ-centered curriculum, loving, caring environment for all, and school sports are offered at a young age

"Small classroom sizes allow for more individualized instruction. Learning God’s word as it is intertwined through all subject areas. Immanuel is a family of its own where all feel a belonging."

 "What I like about ILS is affectionate treatment of children and staff by the community. dedicated workers who go above and beyond for the good of the children. it is Lutheran. inculcation of Christianity in life and academics, individual attention, pride of country lives here, Christian friendships formed, Christian adults as mentors, Jesus. interaction between grades, and it is family."

"Life-long friendships have been formed with families that have God as the center of their family; those students have transitioned together, and done very well after ILS."

"The blessing of sending our sons to Immanuel Lutheran School was giving them access to daily teachings of the Bible to help them excel in their schoolwork and life."

"Immanuel Lutheran School provides a loving, caring foundation to help students do the best they can academically and throughout their lives."

"What I like best about Immanuel Lutheran School is the Christ-centered education"